by Dark Ocean Society

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released September 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Dark Ocean Society Chicago, Illinois

Hailing from the outer rim of Chicago and exiting out the left hemisphere of your brain. This is my solo project and I sincerely hope you all enjoy it.

New album released 9/27/15 I'm very proud of it please check it out!

C.M. Tedor
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Track Name: Tides of Time
first verse section

we climbed mountains
can't let go the visions
shades lit by fission
fires on the horizon

twilight it deepens
at last the sun darkens
that crypt lies broken
mirrored and frozen

next verse section the long one

can you feel it within I hear echoes
isn't it real that which follows
wind swept roads solar plain that's hollow
last messages received ones and zeroes

data enters our minds like a ghost imparts
secrets and mirrors shadowed thoughts depart
never should have left you there apart
pieces of us scattered time my counterpart


what dreams may come
buried in waves
burn it down around

the tides may wash
it all away
time won't stop it slips

verse 3

time slips away
shall we sleep
forgotten and bereft
cold will keep

voyage ends halfway
a forever moment
while time drifts
sands in an abyss

coda verse

trapped inside our minds
ruins reside you'll find
memories hold forever stick together

ghostly shadows alight the dark
trail signs of life left marks
alone we roam left our homes

coda chorus clean

empty in our ecstasy
forge our destiny
there is a place
out there in space

event horizon
spinning disc of fate
dark singularity
twist these threads and wait

coda verse

can't recall a time when I
bared my soul laid down and cried
a single light a torch at night

majestic dark and empty hearts
vacant God within the dark
seat revealed deception concealed
Track Name: Outbound
all around the sounds echoing
up then down around expanding

passing by the clouds bending
light reflecting

o'ver skies the dark grasping
deny life in desperation harassing

hold the light within our sight
outbound destinations abound

memory holds no patterns
out there they will shatter

the dark marks no passage
silence carries our final message

fire blooms alone we depart
time it holds us apart

distance grows and pulls
outbound destination found
Track Name: Expanse
verse 1

vast overwhelming
a momentary lapse
constructions collapse

only in moments like these
spinning in place and I freeze
mirrored in motion relief
redefine in time denial


bathe in waves light and noise
sink below and let go

release and feel complete
wake from this infinite sleep

verse 2

vast overwhelming
holds us in it's hands
grips like iron bands

conciouness can't restrict
feeding barren wastes hear the
echoing time and space
transforming this place


bathe in waves light and noise
sink below and let go

release and feel complete
wake from this infinite sleep


quiet rays of light
infinity calls me

answer through the dark
calling and shouting out

together we are dust
flowing and going always

into the light and I
always left the best part

of me with you
carry it til you're through

alone we are echos
memories and shards of time

lost in space
bury me where I belong

with you
Track Name: Memoriam
verse 1

in time these tides will crash down upon
us and leave nothing

it feels like it's been aeons
since we launched and were gone

paralyzing white its calling
motionless always falling

fears abound this ship it's sinking
these clock hands they are drifting


the power fails

expanding veils

burning trails

wind wails

verse 2

follow lines burnt by photons
imagination becomes withdrawn

we're bombarded with neutrons
all roads lead past orion

light moves past it's flowing
around the shields they're glowing

like atoms we are smashing
though memory is collapsing


the power fails

expanding veils

burning trails

wind wails


sirens the universe calls
can you feel the sound waves

echoing in infinity
the noise forms a trinity

crash out over reality
takes you through it's totality

its in our souls you know
planting its seeds and grow
Track Name: Exit

last among the light's we've come
to our place among
chosen few you knew
our kingdom would come

spires to forever raising
tower of babel praising
a new beginning
among the living


left below the skies
the bones of our demise

above our machines rise
carry us beyond the tides

momuments to space
leave a bitter taste

hands cannot erase
souls laid waste


is there anyone out there
am i adrift alive or even awake

I remember blue skies forever
stretching beyond the lines of time
Track Name: Portals
Track Name: Ghosts of Io
verse 1

ethereal shades
whisper then wait

glimpse her, they bade
calling my name

moments invade
patterns left frayed

time can't wait
it's hands won't stray

verse 2

worlds left unmade
light leaves me afraid

souls reft and unmade
like exploding grenades

their pieces arrayed
our remnants degrade

this prison obeys
spirits displayed


out among the lights
left along the left hand side

paths reached at night
travel so long just can't find

visions blind my eyes
well i'll just leave 'em behind

buried under weight of whys
maybe I just can't grasp the size

of craters in the skies
cannot feel my hands I've lost my mind